Wine collecting is one of the most personal and passionate activities one can have. Below are just some of the reasons why Imperial Wine Storage is the best location to store your wine collection.

We are a locally owned and operated business and have a passion for wine and wine collecting. We know wine and know how to handle, store, and appreciate the great wines of the world. We take storing and caring for your wine seriously while at the same time have fun and want to get to know each and every collector personally. Most collectors have our mobile numbers and the office phone is always forwarded to one of our mobile numbers after hours.
David and Laura Wrightson
But in the end, where you chose to store your collection should be based on the capability, security, and reliability of the facility. Here, we feel Imperial Wine Storage is by far the greatest facility in Florida.
Not all cooling is the same
We take temperature seriously and our facility employs the areas only fail-over commercial refrigeration system designed for wine. What does that mean? Simple, commercial refrigeration is different from air-conditioning. Whereas other wine storage facilities may use over-sized air-conditioning systems and simply turn down the thermostat, our system was designed for reliable refrigeration in Florida’s demanding climate. Our system uses fail-over redundant commercial-grade refrigeration units. Each one of our refrigeration units has a backup, if one unit fails for some odd reason, a secondary unit automatically turns on.
Over a dozen cameras keep careful watch on the interior and exterior of the building, recording all movement. A state-of-the-art access control system ensures no one enters the storage areas without authorization. An advanced burglar alarm system with 24-hour a day central station monitoring monitors all entry points, motion within the facility, and temperature alarms monitor the temperature inside the vaults.
Reliable Backup
Most (but not all) wine storage facilities have a backup generator, which is a must in Florida. But, instead of Gas or Propane, we chose to install a Diesel Generator. Why did we chose diesel? In a hurricane, diesel is the most readily available fuel and one that can be stored in drums safely. In the event of an extended power outage, we feel a diesel generator will be the most likely to run for extended periods, not only because of reliable operation, but because of more readily available fuel. City supplied natural gas can be shut off at anytime in a disaster whereas our self-contained backup system can run without reliance on a continuous outside supply of fuel.
Imperial Wine Storage - Backup Generator
Longevity & Reputation
Imperial Wine Storage opened its doors in 2003 and has served clients from Jacksonville to Key West in the same location. Most of the major wine auction houses rely on Imperial Wine Storage to assist in servicing their clients as well as being the Florida temporary hub for auction wines going to and coming from major auctions throughout the year.